Ozburn Lab is growing! We are currently accepting rotation students through the Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate program at OHSU

Name: Kolter Grigsby

Position: Post-Doctoral Scholar

Education: PhD Biomedical Sciences, University of Missouri

Research Interests: Prior to joining the Ozburn lab, my graduate research focused on the interplay between the mesolimbic-reward system and the control of physical activity motivation from an immerging cellular and molecular perspective. More generally, my long-term research and career goals involve developing a comprehensive understanding of the genetic basis and underlying mechanisms that control motivated behaviors.

Life Interests: Running! Well, anything outdoors really, but especially distance running. I also particularly enjoy seeing old friends, good coffee, music, and finding new places to eat.  

Name: Antonia Savarese

Position: Post-Doctoral Scholar

Education: PhD Neuroscience, University of Chicago, Illinois

Research Interests: My research focuses on the intersection of stress and alcohol abuse. Specifically, I'm investigating the role of the glucocorticoid receptor in regulating binge-like alcohol intake. 

Life Interests:  People! I'm an extrovert, for one, but I just love studying why people do what they do. I take a neuroscience approach to that question at work, but in my free time I read about history, anthropology, and sociology. I also love game nights, baking, traveling, and spending time in the Portland-area outdoors.  

Name: Pam Metten

Position: Senior Research Associate 

Education: PhD Behavioral Neuroscience, Oregon Health & Science University

Research Interests: I have a long-standing interest in utilization of genetic animal models to investigate genetic commonality and disparity among behavioral responses to drugs of abuse. Most recently, my interests include investigation into potential therapeutic drugs that reduce alcohol binge drinking using selectively bred lines that reliably drink intoxicating levels of alcohol.

Life Interests: My family is very close-knit, and we love spending time together. We are big-time fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and others.  We also are regular geeks about gaming.  I also enjoy many crafts and travel as much as possible. Often, these interests co-occur!   

Name: Bryan Jensen

Position: Research Assistant 2

Education: BS Biochemistry, University of Oregon

Research Interests: I am interested in molecular mechanisms in neurobiolgy.

Life Interests: Planning for graduate school, long walks on the beach, and surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Name: Mar Borrego

Position: Research Assistant

Education: BS Neuroscience, Reed University

Research Interests: I am interested in neuroscience research that takes an integrative approach and that impacts populations that are often marginalized in scientific research. I find neuroendocrinology and addiction research to be especially interesting.

Life Interests: I love learning and enjoy studying non-neuroscience subjects in my free time. I am interested in engaging with my community by attending local events and volunteering with non-profits in the area. I am especially passionate about education as a means of empowerment. Besides academics and community involvement I enjoy eating, bouldering, listening to music, consuming art, and doing anything that involves animals. 

Lab Alumni

Snigdha Kanadibhotla, ASE Intern, 2015-2016

Tanvi Batish, PVARF Fellow and OSU Thesis, 2015-2016

Dove Spector, OSHU Equity Intern, 2015

Simon Powell, Research Assistant, 2016

Rachel Champaigne, PVARF Fellow, 2016

Brad Scherer, Lewis and Clark Volunteer, 2016

Reeves Wilson, PSU EXITO Intern, 2016-2017

Delaney Smith, OHSU Equity Intern/PVARF Fellow 2016- 2017

Jewel Bordeaux, OHSU Equity Intern, 2017

Kate LeBlanc, ASE and OHSU Intern, 2015-2017

Alexander Tran, Research Assistant 2, 2016-2018

Evan Firsick, Research Assistant 2, 2015-2018

April Vasquez, ASE Intern, 2017-2018

Allison Clark, OHSU Intern and Student Researcher, 2017-2018

Meher Chand, ASE Intern, 2018

Miracle Uzoekwe, ASE Intern, 2018

Linh Le, PSU EXITO Intern, 2018-2019

Kayla Townsley, PSU EXITO Intern 2016-2018, Research Assistant 2018-2019

Dar'ya Pozhidayeva, PSU EXITO Intern 2017-2019, Research Assistant 2019


Lab Photos

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