Tetracycline derivatives reduce binge alcohol consumption in High Drinking in the Dark mice.

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Targeting the glucocorticoid receptor reduces binge-like drinking in High Drinking in the Dark (HDID-1) mice.

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Chronic chemogenetic Stimulation of the Nucleus Accumbens Produces Lasting Reductions in Binge Drinking and Ameliorates Alcohol-Related Morphological and Transcriptional Changes.

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Ethanol Conditioned Taste Aversion in High Drinking in the Dark Mice.

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Pharmacogenetic manipulation of the nucleus accumbens alters binge-like alcohol drinking in mice.

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Genome-wide expression profiles drive discovery of novel compounds that reduce binge drinking in mice.

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High Drinking in the Dark (HDID) mice are sensitive to the effects of some clinically relevant drugs to reduce binge-like drinking.

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